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Artist and designer Sam Schonzeit will be officing, working and exhibiting in the MBCo gallery for the month of July.  And when I say exhibiting, I mean two things: in addition to a rotating exhibition of Sam's paintings, sculpture, furniture, and pottery, much of which he will be making on site, Sam will be constructing a small gallery called "Showing People" where he will exhibit other artist's work.  He will also be providing a variety of services, including but not limited to dining companionship and personal history tours of Marfa, for a nominal fee.  You can learn more by writing the artist


In the first week, Sam wallpapered the gallery with discount advertisements gathered during the last four years from the local grocery store.  Additionally, he built a small water feature and set up a painting station, a lounge, and an area for conducting business.  He also exhibited his very first attempts at pottery and gave a lecture.

In the following weeks, Sam regularly rebuilt his fountain, made several paintings with cans of spray paint and candle wax, made a considerable racket with a table saw, produced several large, wooden sculptures and constructed his gallery, Showing People.  Artists exhibited in the gallery include Michael Drake, Michael Camacho, Emily Steriti, Tim Johnson, Ross Cashiola and Anthony DeSimone.  Sam also hosted a film screening and a panel discussion, moderated by Jason Kolker.

Earlier Event: June 29
Later Event: July 13