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Rob Mazurek, "Hollers 2B" - 2015, 45” x 50.5” Acrylic and Graphite on Paper

The Marfa Book Company presents, "Marfa Loops Shouts and Hollers", an exhibiton of painting and sculpture by the interdisciplinary artist, Rob Mazurek from Friday, October 2nd, through Sunday, November 15th. Mazurek, who is widely considered one of the foremost improvisational musicians of his generation, brings his gift for creating works of great immediacy to the visual arts with this exhibition. The works, which vary greatly in kind and character, were produced during a recent, three-month residency in the Marfa area, explore a variety of means through which the physical act of their production is arrested in their form. These include large paintings on paper, such as the one pictured here, which invoke action painting, as well as several objects which seem to have been made through an act of religious ritual.



James Benning, "Thirty-one Friends (October)"

James Benning designed this book to accompany his exhibition, "Thirty-one Friends," which Marfa Book Company hosted in the Summer of 2015. The book consists of short portraits-in-text written by James Benning for each of the thirty-one friends to whom the thirty-one objects in the exhibition were dedicated. Along with these texts are included a beautiful photograph of each object and a short description, also written by James.

The book closely resembles in format and layout a previous one, "(FC) Two Cabins (by JB)" which was edited by Julie Ault, designed by Martin Beck and published by Art Resources Transfer. That book explored several features of James' work as an artist, including his recreation of the cabins of Ted Kaczynski and Henry David Thoreau; his exploration of the name and concept, "Freedom Club," to which Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, attributed his famous manifesto; as well as Benning's patient recreations of work by several outsider artists, including Bill Traylor and Henry Darger.

The first book's exploration of James' work, and the work of others, through terms such as anarchism, isolation and solitude (Thoreau's essay of the same name was included) is nuanced by this one, in which friendship, affiliation and mutual respect are terms through which Benning's work, as well as that of his personal selection of forebears, his own Freedom Club, can be seen.

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Roni Horn, "Still Water (The River Thames, for example)"

Roni Horn, "Still Water (The River Thames, for example)"

Roni Horn

In November 2013, Marfa Book Company presented Roni Horn's extraordinary photographic installation, Still Water (The River Thames, for example). This exhibition was followed by a rare performance by Horn of "Saying Water", in association with the Chinati Foundation. Click on the image above to learn more.


CA Conrad, author of  ECODEVIANCE: Soma(tics) for the Future Wilderness

CA Conrad, author of ECODEVIANCE: Soma(tics) for the Future Wilderness

CA Conrad

We were lucky to host a reading by the marvelous poet CA Conrad earlier this year. A recording of that reading is available for download by clicking the image above. CA's latest book is ECODEVIANCE: Soma(tics) for the Future Wilderness. It will be available in our shop, along with two of CA's previous books, Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon and The Book of Frank in the coming weeks