For Immediate Circulation

The Marfa Book Company is excited to host SYNTH CLASS, a free four-week session of synthesizer history and instruction presented by the multitalented musician and producer Brian Lebarton.  The classes are open to people of all ages and skill levels and will take place on four consecutive Tuesdays, starting September 11th and concluding October 2nd.

SYNTH CLASS begins with an historical introduction to the instrument, its creators and best known players; moves to the basic waveforms and functions of the synthesizer; and concludes by demonstrating some of the synthesizer’s more advanced features.  Performance remains a focus throughout, and students are encouraged to stay late and play one of many synthesizers that will be available to them.

Other elements of SYNTH CLASS include highlights from Brian’s record bin, such as, Silver Apples, Wendy Carlos, and Bruce Haack; and samples from some of the world’s most notorious synth crimes, too terrible to mention here.   Brian will provide both the scientific as well as the common names for the sounds and techniques that are featured in some of our most beloved popular music, such as Low Frequency Oscillation and Booty Bass.

SYNTH CLASS will also be a technical feat, featuring live video projection of Brian’s fingers at the synthesizer to make it possible for students to see the subject up close, no matter where they’re seated.

More information about SYNTH CLASS can be found at  If you would like to attend, please, or call Tim Johnson at the Marfa Book Company at 432-729-3906.

Also, check out the official SYNTH CLASS commercial.

Brian Lebarton has worked with many of today’s most talented songwriters and musicians, including Beck, Feist, Cat Power, Jamie Lidell, and Charlotte Gainsbourg.   He has also composed music for a number of films and performed live scores for several silent films.  He splits his time between touring; recording; and living in Los Angeles and Marfa.

The Marfa Book Company is located at 105 South Highland in Marfa, Texas.  The Marfa Book Company would like to thank Yoseff Ben-Yehuda for his collaboration on this project.